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newWAVE for Kustom

newWave  for Kustom with Lightning Launcher & Whicons
*free preset*

Fish, boat and wave are animated by Gyroscope.
Weather is moving continous.

Tap on fish starts Appdrawer. Tap on boat starts chrome.

Without Statusbar and NavKeys.
Navigation by Tap or Scroll.
Works with or without Statusbar/OnScreenNavKeys (must adjust Globals) and different Launchers (with VerticalScroll).
If you use other then LL you need to setup the AppPanel, and customize Touch for the Vertical Navigation and Fish/Boat.

I used a grid with 8 Cols and 12 Rows and LL.

A lot of Globals to customize.
Notifications (badges with numbers and colored Text)  shown for:
Whatsapp, Outlook, GMail, Hangouts, Phone.
If you use others please adjust by yourself.

Also if there is event on actual Day you will see a colored calendaricon. Also when alarm is set.
newWave01 newWave02