April 18, 2024

A kind of parallax effect with LLX Wallpaper

In my latest Template beyond i created a kind of parallax effect.

Here is a short HowTo.

My Setup:

Screenresolution 1080×1920 and grid is 8 Columns\12 Rows.
3 Pages horizontal and 3 Pages vertical.

if your Setup is different you have to customize.

I created a Picture with 1620 px Width and 2240 Height. Which means  1/2 wider and 1/6 higher than Screendimensions.

I would suggest for each page in horizontal direction 1/4 of Screenwidth and 1/12 in vertical direction. Not very much more to get a nice and smooth parallax effect.

After creating the Picture put it to the Device and do Following:

Ligthning Settings
Current Desktop
Change the Wallpaper
extend the Wall to Fullsize
Check Scroll the wallpaper
Set Width to the Width of the Picture
Set Height to the Height of the Picture

Change the desktop wallpaper > Reset
Color > Full Transparent or at least a little transparent.

Home Position
One Page Right
One Page Left, Three Pages down


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