June 22, 2024

KoLLeKtion for Kustom & LL

KoLLeKtion offers 3 different Presets\Templates for Kustom LWP & Lightning Launcher

KLLappt, KLLosed & KuuLL

Works with or without Softkeys(must adjust Globals) and different Launchers.If you use other then LL you need to setup the Favoritespanel, and customize Touch for the Navigation.

I used a grid with 8 Cols and 12 Rows and LL.
A lot of Globals to customize.
Notifications shown for:
Whatsapp, TypeApp, GMail, Hangouts, Phone.
If you use others please adjust by yourself.

kll01 kll04 kll05 kll06 kll07 kll08 kll09




12 thoughts on “KoLLeKtion for Kustom & LL

  1. Alfonso

    Good morning Gerd,I have like the first time again problem to let the map work wit Kuul,please can you help me again :D,have a nice day,bye.

    1. gerd

      hi alfonso.
      which problem do you have?
      i am sorry i can’t remember.

  2. Alfonso

    Good Morning Gerd,maps show a different place that look like an USA place where I’m not,Gerd I remember that you help me changing something with latitude/longitude and map start work properly,but i forgot formula

    1. gerd

      i will check it and send you instructions

      1. Alfonso

        Thank you very much Gerd.

  3. Alfonso

    As you can see i live in Finland but map show a different place 🙂

    1. gerd

      i have checked, the KODE within Kustom.
      it should work, i use the same KODE for all maps.

      but you can try:
      in klwp
      > globals
      > mapurl
      change …center=$li….$&zoom…
      to …center=$li(loc)$,$li(country)$&zoom…

      or for more exact position
      to …center=$li(addr)$,$li(loc)$,$li(country)$&zoom…

      good luck 😉

      1. Alfonso

        No Gerd doesn’t work,anyway thank you very much man,i think i give up 😀 even is my favourite template ever 🙂

        1. gerd


          you can try
          like this:

          just to see whether it works or not

  4. Alfonso

    nope,it’ doesn’t work, i’m gonna try the old one discussion about in the first KuLL,will se Gerd

  5. Alfonso

    it show exactly what i see in the youtube video manor way,priory park and Kid Brook 😀

    1. gerd

      i think i found the error:
      this should be the correct kode.


      you can copy & paste when you view this on your phone/device

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