June 22, 2024

LLMatters LL Theme\Template

for Lightning Launcher Template with Kustom Widget,Tasker and Whicons.
Completely recreated/recoded from the old Version which was with Zooper.4 Pages vertical +  horizontal Sidebar

Navigation by Scroll or Tap. Resolution is 1920×1080 (w/o Navkeys).
Should work with other Resolutions and Navkeys too, you may need to adjust the Widgets.

RSS-Feed scrolls up and down with arrows.
Agenda scrolls also up and down with arrows.
Weather scrolls forward and backwards with arrows.

llm03 llm02 llm01




3 thoughts on “LLMatters LL Theme\Template

  1. Thomas

    Gets! Your stuff is no longer on Google play store!?

    1. Thomas

      Supposed to say Gerd! Not gets! Stupid auto correct…

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