March 4, 2024

Nature I for KLWP

is a preset\template for Kustom LWP and Nova Launcher

You need KLWP

You may need Nova Launcher Prime

You may need Monoic Icon Pack

** Description **

2 Page Setup.

** additional files**
Nova Launcher Setup

** Installation **

Kustom LWP

Start KLWP > Load Preset> Installed > select Nature I
Set Screens x=2, Y=1
check shortcuts for your apps / check globals
you might need to customize your settings, depending on scrrenresolution
Nova Launcher

Download NatureI.backup from link above
In Nova goto Settings > Backup & import Settings > Restore or manage backups > Select NatureI

Have fun and Rock on

01 Screenshot_20200903-091753 Screenshot_20200903-091802 Screenshot_20200903-091810 Screenshot_20200903-091815 Screenshot_20200903-091823 Screenshot_20200903-091832 Screenshot_20200903-091842 Screenshot_20200903-091847 Screenshot_20200903-091900


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