June 22, 2024

respotet for Kustom LWP

Lightning Launcher or Nova

with Whicons3 Pages
with Horizontal Navigation by Scroll or Tap
LL-Version additional vertical Navigation by Scroll or Tap.Up to 4 different Wallpapers (Globals) and Map as Wall.
Colors extracted from Wallpaper.

Count for Events on Current Day.
Maininfo moves by Gyrosope.

Should work with or without Statusbar/Onscreen Buttons.
You may Need to adjust Globals in the Preset.

I used a grid with 8 Cols and 12 Rows

Notifications shown for:
Whatsapp, TypeApp, GMail, Hangouts, Phone.
If you use others please adjust by yourself.

swipe 2 fingers down starts appdrawer
swipe 2 fingers up starts chrome

r01 r02 r03 r04 r05


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