July 15, 2024

Unlocker for Lightning Launcher

This quick Tutorial will show you how to do a simple Unlocker for Lightning Launcher.

Here is the Video from the result:

In this case i use Desktop as Container, all can be done also in a panel.

  1. Place all your items you need (Text, Widgets etc.) .
    Can be done at last too.
  2. Place an item which should be your Unlocker. Do not pin this item.
  3. Start Script Editor. Create new Script and name it.
    Enter Scriptcode:

    var ct=LL.getEvent().getContainer();

    We need setPosition(0,0) because we want the container flips back to original position.
    If we do not, the Container stays  moved if unlock succeeds.
    And unlock() to unlock because it’s not a unlocker-item which is provided by LL itself.

  4. Goto Scroll/zoom Options of your Container
    Uncheck Snap to pages.
  5. Screenshot_2015-10-21-08-47-16
  6. Add 2 StopPoints on your Container. Should be on other pages than the “unlocker”.
  7. Set Properties of the StopPoints.  Script for Reached Event should be the one we have created in Step 3.
    Screenshot_2015-10-21-08-46-49 Screenshot_2015-10-21-08-46-22
  8. Set this Desktop as Lockscreen
  9. Done.

You can do this vertical too. Script is for all directions.





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