July 15, 2024

Zooper Integration into LLx Template for Playstore

Add zooper widgets to Ligthning Launcher Template using Android Studio:

by Gerd Reuter https://google.com/+gerdreuter


You have created your LL Template with this Tool:
Download and place/extract to your WORKSPACE

Read This:
and this http://www.zooper.org/wp/archives/5312 for additional information

Download the ZooperSampleAPK
extract/place it  to WORKSPACE (should be there: WORKSPACE/ZooperWidgetSampleSkin-mastersrc)

WORKSPACE = Folder on your Computer. It’s the workspace folder from Android Studio
xyz.0815name.lltemplate.yourtemplatename = the packagename from the LL Templatetool

1. Save each ZooperWidgets you need on your Device as APKs and copy all to your Computer

2. Extracts all the Zips (Widgets) to the WORKSPACE/xyz.0815name.lltemplate.yourtemplatename

(all files and folders should be in the folder WORKSPACE/xyz.0815name.lltemplate.yourtemplatename/assets)

3. copy all from inside the folder WORKSPACE/ZooperWidgetSampleSkin-master/src/

to folder  WORKSPACE/xyz.0815name.lltemplate.yourtemplatename/src/

4. copy zooper.xml from the WORKSPACE/ZooperWidgetSampleSkin-mastersrc/res/values/

to folder  WORKSPACE/xyz.0815name.lltemplate.yourtemplatename/res/values/

5. Edit the new zooper.xml

<!– These info will be used in the available skins list –>
<string name=”zooper_pack_name”>yourtemplatename</string>
<string name=”zooper_pack_desc”>yourtemplatename and/or short description</string>
<string name=”zooper_pack_author”>Your Name</string>
<!– If set to 0 user will not be allowed to save this template –>
<integer name=”zooper_pack_allowsave”>1</integer>
<!– This is the icon that will be shown in the plugin list, by default the app one is used –>
<drawable name=”zooper_pack_icon”>@drawable/ic_launcher</drawable>

6. Edit AndroidManifest.xml in the folder WORKSPACE/xyz.0815name.lltemplate.yourtemplatename

 If you have a commercial Template change  <uses-sdk… to:
                   <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion=”15″ android:targetSdkVersion=”15″/>

                and insert right after the last “</activity>”:

<action android:name=”org.zooper.zw.TEMPLATES”/>

7. If you have a commercial Template add following right after what you have inserted before:


8. Optional (I don’t think it’s necessary):

copy strings.xml from the WORKSPACE/ZooperWidgetSampleSkin-mastersrc/res/values/
to folder  WORKSPACE/xyz.0815name.lltemplate.yourtemplatename/res/values/

edit the file
 WORKSPACE/xyz.0815name.lltemplate. yourtemplatename /res/values/strings_template.xml

Cut/delete the Line:
<string name=”app_name yourtemplatename and/or short description </string>

edit the file WORKSPACE/xyz.0815name.lltemplate. yourtemplatename /res/values/strings.xml
and replace the line

<string name=”app_name”>Sample Template Pack</string>
<string name=”app_name”> yourtemplatename and/or short description </string>


Have Fun


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